Winter is approaching fast in the Karoo, try this hearty tomato soup to warm up that cold winter nights.

For the soup:

1kg ripe tomatoes, cut in halve
3 onions, peeled and roughly chopped
1 punnet baby tomatoes
6 sun-dried tomatoes
4 cloves garlic, cleaned and crushed
hand of thyme
salt and pepper
100ml olive oil
4 tbsp brown sugar

Put all the ingredients in a roasting tin and sprinkle with seasoning, thyme and brown sugar. Roast in oven until caramelized.

Heat 700ml good quality chicken or vegetable stock, add the caramelized roasted tomato mixture, and boil for 10 Min. Strain and blend equal quantities tomato and liquid and pass through a fine sieve.

Adjust the seasoning, heat up and serve with pan fried baby tomatoes and thyme sprigs.

Delicious with home baked whole wheat bread.


Ons is absoluut versot op jul tamatiesop!! Ons gaan beslis die resep tuis probeer. Sien jul gou weer!


Because of posts like this I surf the internet and when I found you, the time I felt I was wasting, just turned my thoughts around and now I am thinking I invested my time in something really interesting.


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